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Space Availability - Mile End Library (with some spaces suitable for MME)

The Mile End Library provides a mixture of fixed PCs and tables with power.

In some areas of the Library you need to book a study space. Information on how to book a study space can be found here. You need to check-in within 30 minutes of the booking start time otherwise your space will be released for others to book. 

Currently the bookable spaces are for current students and staff only. There is a mixture of individual and group study areas.

The non-bookable spaces include 1st Floor West Open Area (PC area), Group Study area (Ground Floor), Teaching Collection (Ground Floor), are suitable for Mixed Mode Education (MME).

We have a Flexible Booking system, which means we match available slots each week to the demand. 

Students and staff can book upto 14hrs in a single booking but can make multiple bookings, if needed. Bookings can be made in advance or on arrival. Please check-out to free up any unused time for other students.

If you find someone is accidentally sitting in your booked seat, feel free to approach them to explain and please speak to staff at the Welcome Desk for assistance, if needed.

To allow fair shares, group study rooms are limited to 3hrs per day for each student.

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